Self-confident housewife!!? Why do I need that, isn’t being a housewife enough to be highly self-confident!?

well, let me first ask you some small questions, then we’ll see
What do you personally think about housewives?
Is it true that housewives are undervalued?
Is being a housewife nowadays a bad thing?
Is being a housewife almost looked down upon?

Wait, there is more!! 😟

Is it true that most men do not appreciate that being a housewife is a job and claim their wives are not working?

Well, I think there is a golden rule here that will always last, and it will make a big difference between suffering and the relief of one’s life: the onlytwo things you can control in this world are your thoughts and your actions, not anybody else’s.
That means every value you think about yourself you will have, no matter what you are… housewife, engineer, or doctor doesn’t matter if you feel unhappy and undervalued from the inside.

To tell you the truth, I was one of these men above that don’t appreciate a housewife as a job, and I was convinced deep in my mind that my wife wasn’t working and just sitting at home.
Then, unfortunately, she got sick for a short while, and I was in charge of all her house and kids’ responsibilities!!!!!

Wow, wow, I was amazed about the huge amount of work she’s been doing since our marriage, not to mention the amount of money that was saved by her attention to our two kids between personal care and study -which meant that she had to be paid all that money and that eventually it is not a non paid work after all-and this was for five years without any appreciation from me!!!!

She was such a beautiful and forgiving person that didn’t even mind my unappreciated behavior.
From that moment till now, I have acted with her housework precisely like my work and as similar jobs, no maybe more. I think housewives are courageous women who choose the most challenging career in the world.

Now.. would you like to be a housewife?
Because of our modern Western world, where everyone is obsessed with not being a housewife and that paid work is the value of one’s life, you need some ways to increase your self-confidence and look at the world with more peaceful eyes.
To be a highly self-confident housewife and confront all the bad thoughts and behavior you encounter, you can follow these small tips:


1- Stop Comparing yourself

When you see others and their accomplishments on social media, it’s easy to lose confidence.
Comparing how you look to your friends on Instagram or your salary to your friend’s income comparisons aren’t healthy.

Nothing good comes out of comparing yourself. Those other people are not you. Their stories are different. Their experiences, their disappointments, and suffering are different, and maybe more than you, their losses may exceed yours by a mile, so don’t judge the book from its cover.
It doesn’t make sense to make judgments based only on the visible, highly edited parts of someone else’s life when your path and life are entirely different. 

If you must compare, then use yourself as the measuring stick. When you do, you may be able to see just how far you have come, including wins and improvements.Remind yourself of your strengths and successes. Those accomplishments and successes will give you the sense of how much you are blessed and strong and definitely will raise your self-confidence to be a highly self-confident housewife. 


The primary key to being confident is to love yourself first. When you practice self-love, you’ll have confidence no matter what happens in life because that confidence will come from within.
Whether they were instilled in us by close relatives or other adult figures in our lives, our limiting beliefs might have convinced us to focus on what we can’t do or what might never be possible.
No matter who thinks or acts as if you can not, or you are not capable of being a working woman, only a housewife -as if a housewife is a minor than the others-.

Don’t you ever listen to it or believe it because this leads to self-sabotage and reinforcement of these beliefs – and overcoming them is the first step to total confidence.
Instead, take on an uncomfortable situation or try something new that you know you can do -which are by hundreds in your daily journey with your husband and children, by the way- and see what happens. Should you succeed at it, you can permanently shut down many self-limiting beliefs. 


speaking up for yourself, especially when you feel you deserve it, can also have the same effect on raising your self-confidence. And as Confident people may make more money in the workplace due to one straightforward reason: they take credit for their achievements – and they do it when it matters most; you must make your family feel and know how much work and responsibilities you have and that you do it for love.

Like making a day off every week for you -and just you-, or distributing just a tiny amount of housework on your husband and children – regarding their age of course- for two or three days only and so on, and then it isn’t bragging about pointing it out to your family what kind of work and responsibilities you face it and only for love to them. It won’t just make you look good – it will make you feel good, too.


Our words create our emotions, and our emotions create our world. If we’re not feeling confident, it’s a result of the stories we tell ourselves – and the words we use to tell them.We don’t let ourselves. We are, after all, our own worst critics. There are tons of things we say to ourselves that we would never even think of saying to anyone else, even our worst enemies.

How do you talk to yourself in your mind? The self-talk you use, otherwise known as your inner monologue, has an essential effect on your confidence.Every time you think something bad about yourself, immediately think of something good to counteract it. Through proactive discussions with yourself about what can be done, you stop focusing on the fear that you won’t be able to solve a problem. 

5- Identify what give you confidence and where you lack this confidence

It’s also essential to identify and define the specific areas where you don’t feel confident.
Does it relate to your knowledge and experience in doing things outside the household chores? Is it your body image? Or do you struggle with public speaking and making eye contact with strangers? Yes, I know, believe me, that there are still so many works to do on yourself to build confidence even when you did identify areas in you lack confidence, we don’t have a magic wand to change our points of weakness. Still, it does help you put your energy into the right areas.

Don’t forget that It is complicated and even impossible for working women managing a family to find time to learn new skills or improve existing ones. But you, as a housewife, have more extra time on hand to work on these points of weakness and try to improve yourself. Of course, thinking about the situations where you felt empowered can help you re-tap those emotions or actions for the areas where you still feel self-doubt. 


The fastest way to become a more self-confident housewife is to change your physiology radically. The way your posture affects how you feel, Stand up straight anduse “power poses” as a tip to increase self-confidence.
Square your shoulders and open up your chest. Breathe deeply. Maintain brisk, purposeful strides when you walk to cover more ground.Slumping can make you feel sadder while sitting up straight and holding your head high can make you feel more powerful.
Of course, You can also observe others’ physiology to learn more about power poses and how they would do it in different situations to gain more self-confidence.

7- Caring For Yourself is Important

Caring for yourself is a significant part of feeling confident for shore; it includes many aspects, like caring for your body, clothes, and personal style.
Caring for your body is crucial to feeling self-confident because It’s hard to feel good about yourself if you’re abusing your body. On the other hand, if you cherish your body, you‘ll be doing something positive for your mind, body, and spirit, and you’ll naturally feel more confident.
Caring for your body includes diet, Exercise, Meditation, and Sleep.

Every one of these will give your body health and self-confidence when you do it right, no matter what, when, or who. Eat well with a healthy system, exercise every day, which increases the DOPAMINE Hermon (happiness Hermon), and do one or more meditation sessions a week which not only calm and relax you but also will help you to recognize and accept yourself, decrease negative self-talk, and disconnect from unhelpful mental chatter affecting your self-confidence.

Finally, the most important thing is to sleep; you must sleep enough and deeply becausequality sleep has been linked with positive personality traits, including optimism and self-esteem.

And you must not forget the other parts of caring for yourself, like how to know your personal style and improve it, which will positively affect your self-confidence, and finally how to know your body shape for the best clothing choices, perfect fitting colors clothes, and how to build your wardrobe which will raise your self-confidence higher and higher among family and friends.

Confidence starts with you.

Becoming more confident starts and ends with you because you can make decisions and choices.In many cases, learning how to act confident can help you feel more confident. Once you start believing what you tell yourself, confidence levels can rise along with success, happiness, and satisfaction. 
Confidence is a very tricky little thing. Feeling good about yourself is so easy to put at the will of others when it should only be up to you.Be thankful for what you have.Acknowledging and appreciating what you have will combat the feeling of being incomplete and unsatisfied. Finding that inner peace will do wonders for your confidence. And remember that everything in the world has its pros. And cons.

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