Suppose you are looking for some stock video or photo websites just to put into your post or blog is something, and doing it regularly for some projects or some business is something else. In that case, you must consider the website you will use, the search time, the variety of niches, and the amount of money paid for that service.

top 5 amazing free and paid stock video and photos websites review

Although Envato Elements could be the best digital assets provider from the money investment point of view and for the simplicity of finding millions of assets under one roof, there are other excellent stock media companies out there. And before you consider becoming an Envato Elements member, you must consider other options.
Let’s see the reviews of our best five digital assets providers on the web from our opinion.

1-storyblocks review

I think storyblocks is the most competitive site to Envato Elements’ on the web, it has some advantages, of course, but the only thing that drags it behind ENVATO ELEMENTS is the financial part of the deal; Storyblocks has a slightly more extensive library than most of all other digitals assets provider that offers over a 1,5 million of high-quality digital assets. Of course, It doesn’t offer as many products as Envato Elements, and the monthly price is higher ($65 vs. $33 per month), but it has much better licensing. All assets are royalty-free, and all the downloaded files are yours to keep even after you cancel your membership.

2-Vecteezy review

Vecteezy site is made for graphic designers the most; if you are one, it is the best site to view and use a million high-quality vector graphics in your illustrations. Vecteezy offers “worry-free licensing” that includes full personal and commercial use. Vecteezy also has a “Free Forever” model, the same as Envato Elements’ “Future-Proof Licensing.”
Vecteezy does not have a library as expansive as Envato Elements, but it might be a better option if you are purely interested in graphics.
Also, Vecteezy offers a subscription-based service called “Vecteezy Pro,” which is priced at $14 a month (if billed monthly) or $9 a month (if billed annually).

3. Shutterstock review

what about creators, Shutterstock is perfect for them; Shutterstock offers an extensive library of video and photo content for creators to browse and download.
The cost is average for other sites, more than Envato elements; for example, 5 HD clips from Shutterstock will cost you $359! There are also no subscription plans being offered.

4. Free Sites review

let’s talk about the free site!! is there a free site that offers this service?! of course there is, like
Pixabay or Unsplash, These sites provide stock videos and images uploaded by photographers and videographers. The assets are licensed under the Unsplash and Pixabay license, which is free for commercial use and does not require attribution.
In return, the quality of the assets found on these websites may not be the best, but if you are on a tight budget, you might consider trying them.

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