Oh, it’s summer now!!! Every year around this time, as the weather warms and the humidity rises, and the summer clothing comes out, I know I will feel these same feelings as every year, which I am sure most of you must feel.
You are sweating through your clothes in hot weather, like 100 degrees, unable to resist the intense heat and exhaustion.
The high humidity makes your hair frizz like hell, the stale feeling that sweaty underarms caused by prolonged sitting hours, dreaming of a mobile shower walking with you everywhere you go trying to stay fresh, but don’t know the RIGHT WAdon’tdo it.

Well, after many summer seasons of trying and failing, here are some ways to ease that hard season for you and make you feel fresh and moistened at the same time.

1-To stay fresh, Take Shower Twice A Day

Showing twice a day will not only clean the grease and grime off your body but also help to improve mental acuity and enhance mood. AlwIt’suse a loofah to exfoliate your skin and keep it looking young and healthy.

Always Use exfoliating shower gel to clean off the grime. And here is a great tip, Turning the water too hot to start the shower will clean you more effectively and get rid of all grease, and towards the end of your shower, turning the water to a lukewarm or cool setting will lower your body temperature to make you feel more relaxed and fresher, try it and you will never regret.

2-Use A Non-Sticky Moisturiser right after you step out of the shower

Who said that your skin doesn’t need moisturizing in summer!!? Although it already secretes enough oil, it needs hydration all year round to be healthy and resilient; invest in a non-stick option, or use baby oil instead of the typical lotions, and rub small amounts all over your body right after you step out of the shower. 
Of course, always try to use the summer scents that make you feel calm and fresh, like Sweet Pea and Cucumber Melon which are ideal for summer.

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3-Face And Armpits Care

Sweat and oil can accumulate and clog your pores, making your face and armpits feel dirty and heavy, making you feel hot and irritated, not to mention the foul smell.
Of course, keeping these parts dry becomes challenging and irritating, considering the soaring temperature and long sitting work-from-home hours.

Two small tips for solving this problem: clean your face regularly and get rid of unwanted hair with a good exfoliating cream and a light moisturizer that will surely solve this problem and keep you always fresh and cool.

4- Always Seek Summer Perfumes and Natural Deodorant

Seasonal perfume!! How does the season (summer, spring, winter, autumn) affect the smell of the scent on my skin, leading to a better or worse mode and freshness?
And as hot summer days call for incredible summer scents, We’re swapping cozy layers for airy lightness and looking for crisper, sparkling, more refreshing smells.

summer perfumes
Choose your best skin-fitting summer perfume.

These 12 summer perfumes play to the warmest season with every summer feeling you can imagine; maybe you think of classic, fresh floral notes that instantly lighten your mood or fabulous, breezy ocean scents that lead your mind straight to the beach. Of course, a few are going deep, rich, and dramatically delicious regardless of the temperature.

And for the Deodorant, always avoid highly fragranced deodorants as they can irritate the skin. So use light, natural-smelling scents (like lavender, rose, and jasmine), soaps, and powders to keep yourself smelling good and fresh.

5- Create your Personal Summer Behavioural Routine 

Every season has its behavior that leads to better mood and health. In summer, consider creating your routine of these small things that will make you feel better, more relaxed, and fresher.
– Style your hair so it’s off your neck and away from your face. Ponytails always work. Be sure to wash your hair at least once a week (or however often you need to for your hair type) to keep your scalp clean and healthy, and of course, there is a lot that you can do by knowing and developing your style.

– Always and Always Brush your teeth. It would be best to do this at least twice a day, preferably after meals, with fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities from forming.
A fresh, clean mouth can make your tongue feel cooler. Minty toothpaste and gum are good to use during the summer to help you feel calm.
– Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially if you’re going to be outside. When going to work or staying a period outdoors, bring plenty of cold water and always try to stay in the shade as much as possible. A small fan or spray bottle can also help you avoid heat exhaustion.

– Whenever and wherever you go, be lavish on the sunscreen you use, which is a must! With sunscreen, you will feel less burning and sweat and always feel drier.
– finally, make a habit of choosing refreshing, fresh fruit snacks such as watermelon, and strawberries instead of regular snack food, like a bag of chips; the water and vitamins in fruit will treat you much better and make you feel fresher.

6-To Stay Always Fresh, Look After Your Foot

Just as much as your look after your face and body, do not forget the foot. It is the part that has to stay stuffed in those shoes or sandals and step over the hot floors or sand. So, they are bound to sweat in such closed places. And believe me, the luckiest one in the world is the one that hasn’t smelly feet.
The rest of us already knows what it means. Traveling outside, especially during summer, makes our feet sweaty, causing an awful odor.

So, after an outing, open up your shoes, wash the shoes and sandals and leave them to dry in the sun.
As for your foot, soaking your feet in half an inch of soapy runoff while standing in the shower doesn’t count as washing your feet. To get rid of smelly feet, soak them in shampoo water with a pinch of salt for 20 minutes, and bingo! You have the most beautiful feet.

7-Wear loose cotton clothes

Lastly, be careful about what you wear in the hot summer season.
You should not wear polyester, georgette, or satin clothes during the hot season, as they trap the heat within the body and do not absorb the body’s sweat. Instead, wear loose fresh cotton clothes, because Nothing solves the summer problems better.
If you want to know the best outfit that matches your body type and makes you stunning in that hot summer season, you need to check this!

Nothing too complicated, but the cotton will look and feel soothing to the body and mind, and at the same time, loose clothes are suitable for hot days. Your skin needs to breathe away freely.
Wear light clothes to help you survive the hot atmosphere that burns right into the body. The lighter the dress, the lesser chance that you will get scorched in the heat!

Do you know your body shape and how to dress for it? Check this!

Finally, the summer season is here now, and we all must face this season with some routine that ensures freshness and coolness, like the steps above.
and remember, always eat light and get rid of bad breath by constantly brushing your teeth; after all, a healthy, glowing smile is a crucial part of your summer body.

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