MY Story


Hi, my name is Ehab goubran.
I was born in a small family, my father, my mother, and my younger son.
my father and my mother were professors, they taught us commitment and hard work.
I can’t forget our discussion every day over lunch about the whole day, it was a wonderful time.🙂
Ever since I was little, I had a lot of things that I liked and tried to learn.
For example, I played soccer very well; I was classified as one of the most talented soccer players in my school, and the other hobby that I was fond of was the computer.
I liked to sit on my computer for hours and hours, working and learning something new. 

Present Days

Now I am a retired electrical engineer, I learned a great deal about computers and life coaching with specialists,  travelled to lots of countries during my career getting the opportunity to know about both eastern and western cultures and the points of difference between them, learning from them both.🙂
And finally discovering that sharing our experiences and knowledge is the best thing to do.

Core Values

lifestyle is not just a word; it’s how we live.”

It’s true; it’s about all aspects of life. How to dress for your body shape? How to choose and use your perfume? How to know your clothes colors that suit your skin color? How to balance your life as a housewife and your beauty? How to balance being a working woman and your home? And how and how? 
So I am trying to share with you all my reading and experience all over my life and learn from you how to live the only life we have the way we should.
We can not stop learning till the last day of our life, that is why the name of this website is “live to know”; I believe in this, and I try to do it all the time.