Work-family balance is the relationship between your job and one of the essential things in your life: your family.
As we all know,in this productivity-driven society that we live in, we are unable to find a balance between our careers and our families – as the same with beauty-family balance – one is always given more priority than the other, which leads to several dysfunctional outcomes—strained familial relationships, inefficiency at work, and poor physical and mental health.

work-family balance

Hence,If you don’t have much control over the hours you have to work, you must be able to work on balancing work-family life. And even if this may seem like a fantasy task, it is possible if you take the time and care to prioritize it.
Of course, Your work-family balance will most likely shift as your daily responsibilities change. With realistic expectations and some trial and error, you can help yourself and your family get a long-term work-life balance. So Beat the burnout blues by making more time for the activities and people that most matter to you.

There are some strategies. However, that can help families cope. Here are some steps to help you get started.

1- Accept That Imbalance Is Sometimes Unavoidable:

I am not here to tell you some fantasy lectures that are impossible to do, just a new post to read without an actual act to help us achieve the balance that we all seek: work-family balance. No, we must know and be sure that it is impossible to balance work and family 100%; I realized there will always be times when everyone must let work or family take priority. It would be impossible to balance everything in your life at all times perfectly.

For example, you may need to skip a work event when a family member has a significant occasion like a birthday or school performance. Or when a vital deadline must be met, you might need to miss dinner at home and stay working late at the office.
Most importantly, you don’t allow imbalance to become the norm. The scale may tip for a few days or weeks, so the key is to bring it as close to the center as possible once you have the space to do so.

2- To Achieve the Work-Family Balance, Make That Balance a Priority:

Before you can reach the work-family balance you seek, you must know that you must act like you want to get it and not just wish you wish. Whether you work full-time or part-time, achieving a work-life balance is a long and often complex process. If you do not consciously decide to achieve balance, you will likely fail along the way.

From the beginning, you need to ask yourself about your job; for instance, you need to find a challenging career that is not overwhelming. About the family you want, carefully think about how big of a family you can raise now with the work you attend or the one you dream of. By making wise decisions on the essential matters in your life, attaining balance won’t be tricky.

 3- Consider your alternatives.

Of course, before jumping into solutions, reflect on the aspects of your work and life that could be different to better align with your priorities. Are there components of your job that you would like to see changed? How much time would you like to spend with your family or on hobbies? Consider that improving your situation takes time, experimentation, and lots of trial and error, but if you are determined, you will eventually reach your goals and balance.

4- Pause and Denormalize:

But what if you are already settled into a career, have a growing family, and don’t feel the work-family balance you want?
Then I think it’s time to step back and ask yourself: What is causing me stress, imbalance, or dissatisfaction? How are these circumstances affecting how I perform and engage with my job? How are they impacting my personal life and family? What am I prioritizing? What am I sacrificing? What is getting lost? Only after you take a mental pause and acknowledge these factors can you begin to tackle them.

If you’re honest with yourself, you will find shocking answers that will give you some excellent solutions.
You will put your hand on the genuine reasons for your missing work-family balance and what you are sacrificing for, and you are willing and ready for that PRICE.
I think you will know then what you need to do without hesitation.

 5- Implement changes:

Finally, it’s time to take action once you’ve recognized your priorities and carefully considered all the options that could help you improve your work-family balance.
It’s either tending towards work or family. Find that improving the family situation will improve your satisfaction and happiness. You can do a “public” change – something like taking on a new role designed to be less time-consuming or allow for a compressed-week model -or a “private” change, in which you informally change your work patterns to a minor part.

6- Discuss With Your Family:

Everyone commits a big mistake; you can notsolve your work versus family life; it could only be by yourperspective and solutions alone. You must share your family with you in your work-family balance issues, taking their opinions, philosophy, and efforts.
It would be best if you made them share with you the thoughts of any big decision, in taking that decision, and finally accepting with you the results of thatdecision.
I think there will always be only two sides, you all at one side vs. any problem you meet because you share in everything.

7- Identify the ideal scenario and what changes you need to make to reach it:

In many ways, this process is a bit like strategic thinking.
First, you need to know where you are, then where you want to be. Think about things that bother you and keep your work-family status unbalanced and how you would like that status to look, like:
– What would be the ideal balance between work and family?
– How would you like to be spending your time generally?
WARNING! Of course, you need to be realistic about your ambitions. You must do tedious cleaning and laundry occasionally or pay someone else.

NOW Look at your current situation and your ideal scenario.
Identify three to five fundamental changes that will help you to move from ‘now status’ to ‘ideal status.’

Here are two examples of what steps you could take to reach that ideal status you dreamed about:
Example 1:
if you noticed you don’t give your family their right to spend weekends with you and want to change that, what do you need to do to achieve that?
Concrete steps that you could take include:
1-Telling your colleagues that you will not be checking emails at the weekend.
2-Putting an out-of-office notification on your email to remind people.
3-Putting your work phone and computer away somewhere during the weekend.

Work-family weekends?

Example 2:
If you have enough time outside work but feel it’s all swallowed by chores, you want to give yourself some time.
Concrete steps that you could take include:
1-Working out whether you can afford to have a cleaner;
2- Share everything discussed earlier in that article with your family about various chores and how you could all split it over yourselves.
3-Identifying one day per week which is chore-free for everyone in the family successively.


Do notice the essential and slippery trick that we all be deceived; the above 7 acts are not a one-time activity, and we are done; no, it’s a lifestyle and behavior, a cycle of continuous re-evaluation and improvement. We live now in such a world that is categorized as a world of long work hours, no matter who we sacrifice, no matter what we lose. It’s easy to slide back into “business as usual” (whether that’s a conscious or unconscious decision).


to pause, connect with your emotions, rethink your priorities, evaluate alternatives, and implement changes; always allow yourself to relax and think about all the graces you have and cherish your life. It’s only one life we have; don’t waste it.

“Unfortunately, I thought it was days, and it passed, so it was my life.” Fyodor Dostoevsky  

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