Hair removal products!! Why do we need these products? And why do we have – women and men equally – these unwanted hairs in unique places?
Many people have unwanted hair. It’s standard on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, fingers, feet, and toes. It can have many causes, including genetics, certain medications such as steroids, higher levels of certain hormones, etc.
Whether you hate this hair removal, love it, or just had to do it for the community look-especially for women, you must do it in the end, and you have to find the best way for you, the way that makes it fun, not torture for you.

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Maybe it was a blessing being in lockdown in our home for some of us, especially in winter, cause we didn’t feel the need to have hair-Free lips or limbs as there was nowhere to go.
But now, as the lockdown is over, it’s summer, and it’s time to break out the dresses; it’s time to think about the appropriate way for hair removal.
What to choose between all kinds of hair removal methods like shaving, plucking,  Depilatory Creams, Hot Waxing, Threading, Laser Hair Removal, or Electrolysis?

 And is it permanent or temporary hair removal that you seek?
So whatever you will like and choose, here are some methods and products you want to try.


The most popular method for hair removal, especially for busy girls, it’s cheap, easy, and quick.
It can be used Best for leg, arm, underarm and facial hair, though sometimes it can cause ingrown hair (hair grows back into the skin instead of rising from it), especially in the pubic region.

For the best razor or hair removal products with all clinic protection:
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Sugaring is the most ancient method of using hair removal products. They say Egyptian women used it.
Made of some very cheap materials(lemon juice, sugar, and water) and their long-term effects, it is a straightforward method with sustainable potential.
Sugaring is suitable for all skin types, all body places from head to toe, and all who are starting their first experience removing their body hair.


Of course, some women believe that a tweezer should never leave a woman s bag; although this method might be painful, it might be a good choice for just a few hairs to remove.
You can use it quickly for eyebrows and with some more attention to hairs left from a recent post-wax method or shaving method.

For the best epilator products with all clinic protection:
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The second popular method of hair removal is waxing.
Hot waxing is one of the hair removal products that can be messy and painful. Still, on the other side, its benefits of long-lasting effect and the fact that it can be employed all over the Body (except eyelashes and head hair, of course) make us bear this temporary pain.
Of course, infection is one side effect of being careful with, and finally, mind the temperature of the wax. If it is too hot, you may get a burn.

For the best hot wax products with all clinic protection:
Moujan 2000 by Moujan low-temperature Hot Wax For Face & Body (microwavable jar -/140OZ for women.

5-Depilatory creams:

Depilatory creams are a simple, painless, and low-cost method. It’s perfect for those just beginning their first experience removing their body hair.
Depilatory creams are one of the hair removal products that are perfect for removing hair in large areas or hard-to-reach places, with caution that they are a little bit messy, so they are best done in the bathroom.
One disadvantage of this method is that it eradicates hair below the skin’s surface to expect regrowth of hair in around two to three days.

For the best depilatory creams products with all clinic approval :
GiGi by GIGI Soy Natural Botanical Low-Temperature Hair Remover -/16OZ for WOMEN.


The most modern method in the world now has appeared over the last few years and is rising its popularity every day.
IPL’s advantage is that it can work anywhere on the Body except the eyes, with no need for messy gels or creams, place the machine in the target area, and voila.
And since IPL is all about longevity so should be used on a hair-free site, and most doctors and technicians recommend shaving as we need to have the hair bulb existing to absorb the light, and there are up to six weeks free of undesired hair.

For the best IPL products with all clinic approval :

In the end, I think you must test every method of the above methods to observe its effect on your skin and the efficiency of removing the unwanted hair, then see what is the best method that is suitable for your skin and not hurting or boring you, stick to it to make this procedure as simple as you can, not just an unpleasant painful procedure.

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