Building a new wardrobe from scratch!!? Why the hell would I do such madness!!?
There are several reasons to build your Wardrobe from scratch, such asSignificant body changes, moving to a different climate, accepting a new job, and starting a “grown-up” chapter of your life. All good and valid reasons!

And, of course, one of the most cliché situations: You stand in front of your overflowing Wardrobe, There are a trillion options out there, and it’s tough to cut through the noise. That’s why we often end up with too much stuff in our closets and ‘nothing to wear.

build your wardrobe

So what if you suddenly recognize the most convenient color for your skin, understand and love your body shape and the most suitable clothes, briefly know and develop your style, and learn how to build your Wardrobe accordingly? What can you do then?

Frustrated with your lack of options, you think, “But how can I afford a new wardrobe of high-quality items?”
Thankfully, building your dream wardrobe doesn’t mean marching off to Christian Dior to drain your bank account. Who among us didn’t occasionally wear an outfit or something he had liked forever, yet his or her husband or wife sees it as a brand new outfit? Why is that? The key is knowing your style and building your Wardrobe accordingly.
Building a wardrobe full of high-quality items at affordable prices is all about developing a shopping strategy and knowing that you have options beyond what’s available at the mall.

How to Build Your Wardrobe from Scratch?

First of all, before we start talking about how to build your Wardrobe from scratch, whether you need a wardrobe refresh because your body has changed or lifestyle evolutions, I’m going to warn you that it will not be an overnight process; if you try to make it an overnight process, you will undoubtedly end up with an even bigger mess than what you started with. It may sometimes feel like a slower process, especially on a budget. But it’s worth it to do it right.

How long will it take to build your Wardrobe from scratch?

The room is full of clothes.

This Process partially depends on your budget and dedication to completing this journey. But I say it can quickly be done over six months if you spend wisely and slowly build your wardrobe foundation. But most likely take a year, as it is easiest to shop for items when you are within that season and can appropriately access your Wardrobe’s must-have pieces. It is essential to buy quality items and items that will last. 

Now I will guide you with these tips through building your Wardrobe from scratch; I hope it will help you create a wardrobe full of high-quality items at affordable prices that last a long time. Let’s start.


REVIEWING your old Wardrobe:

1- consider your lifestyle:

First, you must think about different activities of your life (family – professional – activities – social). What is the percentage of your daily time spent on these four items? Focus on these four possible aspects of your lifestyle:

  • Family – time spent at home with loved ones. 
  • Professional – time spent in a work or volunteer environment. 
  • Active – time spent doing outdoor physical activity, exercising, or playing sports. 
  • Social – time spent out with friends or at special events. 

Your lifestyle will directly correlate to your wardrobe needs; adopt your Wardrobe through these percentages.

2-approach your current Wardrobe:

Let’s shop from your Wardrobe! Yes, right, you read it right. You are going to shop from Your Wardrobe, and I warn you it will be a long and frustrating trip, but in the end, you will get many results you can not imagine.
Regardless of what you will end with- whether you desperately need to go shopping now or find what you are and need for now – it will be time well spent.

– The first start is by pulling everything out; you want a clean slate to build your perfect Wardrobe.
– Group items by garment type and subcategories, for example, pants group, which may be broken down into jeans and formal pants groupings. Remember your lifestyle chart and how your Wardrobe is currently balanced with this.

3- choosing what you want and what you don’t:

First, you must ask yourself when you pick each item in your Wardrobe

  • Is the style flattering for my body shape and achieving my body shape goal?
  • Does the color suit my undertone and work with my color palette?
    And these two issues above we will discuss further in the section on how to build your Wardrobe from scratch.
  • When was the last time I wore this?
  • Does it work with other items in my Wardrobe to create outfits easily?
  • Does it make me feel amazing and 100% me?
4- organize your old Wardrobe:

now manage all your wardrobe items into two categories

a- Yes, Pile:
Yes, to the Pile of all items you love and frequently wear without thinking.
But be careful; please be honest with yourself in this essential stepregarding the definition of love and frequent!
This means you the yes to all the above questions without hesitation; you want to keep only your natural personal style.

B-No Pile:
These will be items that are not you, you that you need to change Your Wardrobe to reach, the ones that have changed over time and thoughts.
So be brave and get rid of all the old personality you don’t want, and of course, this step also needs you to be very Honest and brave With yourself.

Now that you have organized your old Wardrobe and kept the items that describe yourself- whether a big pile or a minor– let’s jump into the next part.

PART two

build your Wardrobe:

1-What should I not do when building a wardrobe from scratch?

A-Resist the temptation to buy:
It is straightforward to see something online or in a store window and think, “Oh, I think I NEED
That”. Resist the temptation. Just repeat the above questions to yourself, but on the new clothes you wish to buy, give yourself the time to answer these questions honestly. This is the equivalent of a hot and heavy crush, which will pass. 
b- don’t slide to shopping sales:
Shopping sales are not your best friend. The problem with shopping sales (incredibly huge ones like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day) is that your logic goes out the window. When confronted with a reasonable price, your brain somehow finds a way to justify that you like or even need that item.

2- start building your chic Wardrobe following these steps:

A- Stop rushing the Process. 
Finding clothes that make you FEEL good and express yourself is not as easy a process; it needs patience and will. For every item you buy, pass it first through the above questions and answer it honestly to yourself with patience.

B- Go for your style
Dressing for who you are and who you want to present to the whole world is what we can call personal style. Your style is simply who you want to show the world, what impression you need them to feel when they see you for the first time, and what you need to tell them about yourself as a human being, no matter what gender or age you have.
Buy clothes for each season and each section of your lifestyle that describes your style.
First, you should figure out how to know and develop your style.

C- Determine Your Body Type:
As we discussed in our earlier questions about Your body shape, take a moment to determine your body type. Knowing your body type will help you identify items that will be the most flattering to your body shape.

Using cloth tape is better than metal one. The tape should be snug to a point where you think it will slip, not too tight or loose, it probably will but hold on to it, and it gives you the most accurate number; measure the following:
The width of your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Knowing your body shape helps you choose clothes that look better on you.

D- Discover Your Color Palette:
Also, as we have discussed earlier in our previous questions on this subject, Finding colors that flatter your skin tone will help you build a wardrobe in a color palette you love. As you can see from the figure, everyone’s undertone sits somewhere on the spectrum of cool (bluer) to warm (more yellow). As we say, each of us is unique; it must be a spectrum because some people are richly warm, and some are very icy cool, but most are somewhere in the middle, and a few are genuinely neutral, a perfect balance of warm and cool.

how to choose the best clothing colors for me

For each skin tone, there is a variety of colors that will look incredibly flattering. So if you’re a dark cool, you might want to fill your Wardrobe with your favorite jewel tones; if you’re light warm, your favorite soft pastels.
Despite all the above, remember that all the above is a subjective analysis, and how each person views color will vary according to him.
“The best color
in the world is the one that looks good on you!” – Coco Chanel.

E- Buy for Your Lifestyle:
What good is a wardrobe if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle? Buy a new close that is suitable for your lifestyle parts discussed above. Make a list of your recurring activities, and narrow down the types of clothes necessary for those scenarios. This will help you determine what items you should buy and which you should pass on.

F- Create Your Ideal Outfit Formulas:
Once you’ve determined your lifestyle, best color palette, body type, and the clothes that best suit it, start thinking of outfit combinations you can create with them. Look at each item and determine how many ways you could wear it. Creating outfit formulas will make shopping a breeze because you’ll know what ingredients are needed for your formula.

G- Don’t Forget Shoes:

Many of us forget about the importance of a versatile shoe wardrobe, but it will be frustrating if you’ve ever put together an outfit that does not go with any of your shoes. Consider your comfort level first, then determine whether you prefer more feminine or masculine shoes. The goal is to find two pairs of shoes you can wear with any outfit you invented. Always make your versatile saving shoes in a safe area, which means sticking with neutral tones such as brown, black, and nude.

H- Maintain Your Wardrobe:
After all that effort, maintaining your hard work is the most important thing now. Remove your unwanted items from your closet every six months, and make a list of the items you want to invest in over the year. Determine which pieces are goal items you wish to incorporate into your Wardrobe over time while considering these previous steps.

Making some efforts to take care of your special outfits and shoes is worth it; it can result in so much extra wear out of each item. Clothing loved should be treated as such. As clothes and accessories represent your personality and personal style to the world, they should be considered essential purchases no matter what amount you spend per piece.

you did build your wardrobe and your new wardrobe is completed.And that’s all there is to owning a great wardrobe. Once you have understood how you can make your body shape and colors work for you, you will be able to draw confidence from your clothing and leave those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments in the past.

Now, enjoy getting dressed faster, having many outfits to wear, having a neat closet and love what you wear everyday! 

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