BEAUTY!!! Are you crazy!!! How can you even think of that with all thesebills to pay and lunches to pack? OHH, balance Beauty and family!!? Nonsense, I must now say goodbye to my old, beautiful version of me because I know it will never return.

No, you don’t! Believe me, you don’t know it; it can be done. Can we have it all and look good in the process? You bet you can.
Finding that perfect balance between work and family has always been a bit of a challenge, And when we throw Beauty into the mix, it can get crazier. There is so much to do; between cooking, cleaning, homework, meetings, and travel, you have a lot going on, right?
Our lives can get incredibly busy, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t a way to focus on maintaining our Beauty and to try to achieve that magical balance, to balance Beauty and family. After all, a well-balanced life is a beautiful life.

Here are a few simple tips to consider as we continue playing our roles and our sacrifices for our families and work, which can give you a little joy when you feel you can have the opportunity and time to maintain your Beauty.

1- To balance Beauty and family,Set a Schedule:

The importance of a consistent schedule should never be underestimated when balancing Beauty and family! Just writing things down in a day planner or a notebook helps keep you organized and on track with everything you need to accomplish in a day, a week, and even your whole month.

Keeping a consistent schedule can allow you to balance Beauty and family by allowing you to plan out further and know how much extra time you might have available to have fun taking care of yourself while still being on top of your responsibilities! this marvelous idea is by putting two different calendars ahead of you,

the first is with your family byPulling together an all-encompassing family calendar to keep track of school recitals, soccer practice, and dental appointments; according to that calendar, you can make your own, where you can invest in a cute little book for yourself, maintaining your Beauty by getting yourself in for a wax and Pedi / mani/hair day – and maybe you pop on a mud mask or a hair treatment.

2-Try not to be a Control Freak

At home, begin to ask for help often rather than shouldering all the burden yourself. Create a to-do list so you can prioritize more effectively. Start saying no to people or responsibilities. When you let go of what’s not working, you make room for a life filled with ease and less difficulty. 

Try not to be a “control freak.”

If you want more to balance between your Beauty and family, you need to relinquish control a little bit. This is not easy for many people because we tend to have an inner control freak who just won’t let go of the details. At home, begin to ask for help often rather than shouldering all the burden yourself. Create a to-do list so you can prioritize more effectively. When you let go of what’s not working, you make room for a life filled with ease and less difficulty. Start a family chore list so everyone can be involved in helping run a balanced household.

As for work,Start saying no to people or responsibilities that are not yours; the most significant successes come from a team. Balance out your schedule by simply asking for help. This will give you more time each week to focus on yourself and get in for a wax and Pedi/mani/hair day. Above all,you gain confidence that your most potent power comes from within – even if you can’t control other people or outcomes.

3- Find Some “Me” Time:

We need some time to focus on ourselves. It’s just like when you recharge your phone or tablet; you need to recheck yourself, emotionally and physically. These little pleasures that we can steal from our busy life schedule can help us find the balance we seek between our family and our Beauty, both internally and externally. You can do many things to cradle yourself and show out that Beauty of yours; you can give yourselfthe time for a pedicure, a manicure, or soak in a nice bubble bath.

You can Create Something like drawing, writing, or even baking a cake; you canTake Yourself -only you – Out To Lunch or dinner; you can even generously invite yourself to the cinema – alone – to watch a good movie. Remember, it’s not selfish; it’s for the greater good of the family. And as wise married men said: “Happy wife, happy life.”

4- know your body and cherish it:

The first and most important thing that will help you to balance Beauty and family is time; it’s the time available to you that will allow you to choose a nice color and a well-fitted outfit that will make you stunning in people’s eyes instead of any jeans with a pale blouse, it’s the time that will allow you to get rid of the unwanted hair and choose the best seasonal perfume that will take everyone breath, it’s the time available…

That’s why you need to find out; no, you need to know very much about your body, the exact shape type of your body, and according to that, how to build your wardrobe right with the best outfits that will make you that stunning woman, you need to know the best color for your skin you need to choose in your clothes, you need to know about the best seasonal perfume that suits you- because as you know there is nothing can take the man’s breath away like unique perfume- and for every season, and finally you want to know the best way to get rid of that unwanted hairs, and be durable as long as possible to save your time of course.

Imagine you know all this – and it’s not complicated or irritating, by the way, it’s straightforward – in good times when you are free and have the time, you will be excellent preparation for the wrong time when you don’t have the time for a little scratch. Yet, you will be unique and stunning in your husband’s eyes and everybody else.

If balancing Beauty and family is essential, let’s make it as stress-free as possible.
The trick is to keep it simple when all you need in the world is some more time for yourself. Don’t abandon the notion altogether. Just keep it simple. Busy morning?

No problem. So, instead of racing through your morning showerless, wearing anything in your way, no, you won’t do that, because you already know everything about yourself, your body, it will be elementary to get dressed in the most beautiful suitable clothes that will make you stunning in just a glance, wearing that fantastic perfume, and “voila”! You are ready for the rest of the day and your family. For instance, take a few minutes before bed to soak in the tub or shower. You’ll have more time to enjoy it and give your body, hair, and face the attention they deserve.

keep in mind that if you are not feeling great about yourself then how your family can feel such feelings?!! you really need to make them feel these feelings through you. A balanced life really comes down to priorities and simplifying things so they work for you. We can have it all.


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